How To Add Water To You Hot Tub In The Winter Without Freezing Your Face Off!

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How To Add Water To Hot Tub in Winter

How To Add Water To Your Hot Tub In The Winter Without Freezing Your Face Off!


 In order to keep your hot tub in tiptop shape, it is important to keep the water level at the proper depth on a regular basis and keeping the hot tub clean—especially the filters. However, sometimes the weather (i.e. winter) can make it difficult to clean the filters without using your outside faucet or a bucket. Here are a few tips on how to clean your hot tub filters without having to brave the cold!

1. Get a collapsable hose 


(A regular hose is fine as well, but a collapsable one is easier to store in a tight space during the winter.). This is the one I recommend.    2.  Get a Sink Adapter

This device allows you to connect a garden hose to your kitchen sink or bathroom sink.  Works like a charm.   I recommend this one:    

3.  Add water every 4-6 weeks in the winter weeks.

Our number two service call in the winter months is not enough water in the hot tub.  you must keep the water level right depth.  Which is usually just at the bottom of the pillows or for sure about an inch or two above the highest jet.  Most hot tubs typically need water added every 4-6 weeks. 


4. When adding water add it through the foot well not the filter area.

It is important to add water in the winter months through the footwell, this is because some hot tubs have freeze protection built into them, which can cause the hot tub to drain if it thinks it is freezing.  If you add water through the filter compartment, the cold water runs right over the thermister and can send it into a freeze protection.  So when adding water just in the foot well.   (If you are filling from an empty state you should add through the filter compartment to avoid an air lock, but that is another days blog) .

5. When you have the hose hooked up to the skink clean the filters.

Take the filter out of the hot tub and spray it down with a hose. Be sure to get all the dirt and grime off of the filter.  The NUMBER ONE service call is a dirty filter and in the winter months, this is a bad situation.  Make sure that you are cleaning your filters in the winter at least once a month with some significant water pressure.


Maintaining your hot tub in doesn’t have to be a daunting task—even in the winter months! By following these simple steps, you can easily clean your filters without having to use your outside faucet or a bucket. So, what are you waiting for? Thanks for letting me help you become a happy hot tubber.


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