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If you're looking to make the most of your hot tub, this free guide is a must-read! It's well laid out and packed with essential info for maintaining that perfect hot tub party vibe. You'll learn what sanitizer works best for you, understand why water balance matters, how to avoid costly service calls—plus there's an awesome bonus 30-day soak challenge designed to help get into the regular habit of enjoying your bubbly bliss...time to dive in!

Basic Hot Tub Tips To Have an Awesome Hot Tub Experience!

Having a hot tub in your home offers many benefits and pleasures. To ensure it stays running at its best, follow these useful tips! Make sure to keep the water circulating properly, and maintain an appropriate level so that everything is balanced correctly - plus take advantage of our free guide for extra help. Watch this video or download the resource now to get ahead of any service calls before they arise!

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3 Basic Hot Tub Tips.


1. Maintain good circulation.

For a hot tub, clean filters are essential for keeping the water free of contaminants and running smoothly. If you're lucky enough to have an automatic cleaning cycle, great! But if not, no worries - try setting your filtration cycles at least three hours per pump (ideally six) for optimal results with minimal effort on your part. Ultimately it's up to you – make sure to get into the habit of regularly cleaning those precious filters and enjoy a crystal clear soak every time!


2. Keep Your Water Level Up.

Did you know that improper water levels in hot tubs can lead to costly service calls? Once winter sets in, or even during the summer months people tend to overlook the importance of maintaining an adequate level. Without it, pumps starve and your heater will shut down - potentially resulting in frozen components or a burnt-up pump that costs hundreds to repair! The key is simple: keep a keen eye on your hot tub's water level throughout fall and beyond. Doing so could save you time and money while extending the hot tub's life expectancy too!


3.  Balance your Hot Tub Water.


As a hot tub owner, achieving the perfect water balance is key to ensuring optimal usage. Alkalinity should be between 80 and 120 ppm while pH should remain at 7.6 - that sweet spot which is neither too acidic nor overly basic! Any deviation may result in corroded equipment or weakened sanitizers, leading to costly repairs as well as skin and eye irritation. Make sure your chemistry stays balanced for hassle-free soaking sessions!


Other Important Maintenance Tips

Keeping your hot tub clean and safe doesn't have to be a chore! Make sure you're consistently testing the water levels of alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer at least once every week - this counts as one of three weekly check-ins. Sanitizing and shocking will help keep everything running smoothly while rinsing off that filter ensures crystal clear waters for days on end. To top it all off make sure to give the spa cover some love by wiping down both sides with cleaner or chemicals so any dirt & grime don't become mold or mildew time bombs!


Every month, it's essential to give your hot tub some tender loving care. A chemical filter rinse is a great way to get rid of pesky grime that lingers after regular water rinses. If possible take your water in to be professionally tested, these pro-spas have access to more advanced testing equipment which can detect common problems quickly for a better hot tub experience.

Keep your hot tub in peak condition by taking the time to deep clean and make repairs every three or four months. Schedule a day that fits with other tasks, drain out all of the old water, give it a good scrub down (including touching up any cosmetic flaws), then soak your filter for added protection against contaminants before filling 'er back up!

Enhance your hot tubbing experience and keep it running optimally with regular maintenance! Cleaning, repair, inspections and system flushes should be done at least once a year - or even more frequently. Flush the lines to get rid of bacteria build-up while paying special attention to hardware, wiring's wear & tear as well as any water damage on the cover. A few simple tasks can have a significant impact in maintaining ultimate relaxation time for you to make most out of every soak!


Don't Forget To Use Your Hot Tub Daily

30 Day soak challenge is something every hot tubber should try.  Take a daring challenge and commit to soaking in your hot tub just 30 times over the course of 30 days! Whether it's 15 minutes or an hour, you'll find plenty of health benefits waiting for you after every session. With each soak comes renewed energy and improved relaxation — who knows how far that could take you? After those 30 consecutive soaks, we're betting on the fact this daily habit will stick around even longer!




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