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The Hot Tub High Life!

So you installed your hot tub! Well done!
You imagined yourself relaxing while the day’s stresses simply floated away, right?
Maybe you purchased a hot tub to help with those aches and pains?
Or perhaps you just wanted to invest in something that would be fun for the family and add value to your home?
But let me ask you this: did you imagine yourself living the hot tub great life?
I'm sure you did…
But hot tubs need care and maintenance to be fully enjoyed…
You see, many owners find themselves using their tubs less than they’d like simply because they aren’t sure how to care for and clean them properly.
Some run into problems such as cloudy water or an off-balance pH and aren’t sure how to fix it. Many eventually turn to the internet for advice, which is a given in today's world.
With so much conflicting information on there, however, it can be hard to know what’s best.
In the end, their dream — and those thousands of dollars invested in it — is left gathering mildew under the patio.
But it doesn’t have to be that way…


How It Works

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Step 1 – Book A Call

All it takes is a single click to be on your way to hot tub happy. Simply click the “Book A Call” button below, create your account and accept the terms and conditions via PayPal!

Step 2 – Pick Your Time

Click continue, and you’ll be taken to Jacquie, my personal scheduler. Here, you can choose a time and day that best suits you for your consultation.

Step 3 – Tell Me More

To ensure we make the most of your 30-minute call, please take the time to fill out a short form. Your answers will help Jacque prepare for your call.

Step 4 – Get Zoom

If you’re not already familiar with Zoom, then it’s worth ensuring you have your account set up before your consultation appointment. It’s quick and easy and can be done here (link)!

Step 5 – Get Hot Tub Happy

Attend your consultation appointment with me, The Hot Tub Lady, over Zoom, where I'll share my assessment of your hot tub needs. In addition, I'll share my best personalized money and time-saving strategies and answer all your hot tub-related questions!

Hot Tub Care Consulting

Hot tub owners usually have some common questions regarding their hot tubs:
  • What is an Oxidizer, and how often should I be using it?
  • What’s better: Chlorine or Bromine?
  • How often should I change the water in my hot tub?

Sure, you could always ask the internet for answers… But you're likely to get conflicting and sometimes downright incorrect information.
Why? Well, partly because it's the internet…
And partly because how you should best care for your hot tub depends greatly on what kind of hot tub you own, where it's located, and how you use it.
But wouldn’t it be great if you could just ask an expert?
It would?
Well, now you can!

You can get personalized hot tub care advice and all your questions answered from a source you trust.
Plus, you can get this from the comfort of your own home with a 30-minute hot tub care consultation with me, Jacque!
Work one-on-one with me, The Hot Tub Lady, and get all the advice you need today to stop wasting money on unnecessary chemicals and actually start enjoying your hot tub again.



Who Is Jacque?

I'm Jacque, the ONLY expert you're seeking for all your hot tub needs!
Affectionately known as “The Hot Tub Lady”, I've been selling hot tubs from my store since 2003.
But I've been an expert on hot tub maintenance and care for much longer.
My world-class training has allowed me to sell thousands of fresh and saltwater hot tubs and teach tens of thousands of pool and hot tub owners how to care for their water.
And I'm more than confident that my knowledge of hot tub care, particularly salt water hot tubs, is unmatched.
Facing troubles you’re facing with your hot tub?
Have any burning questions?
Well, yours truly, The Hot Tub Lady, has the answers!

Imagine Having Clarity And Confidence In Your Hot Tub Care Routine

Well, that's exactly what our hot tub consultations are designed to achieve.
In only 30 minutes — and from the comfort of your own home — you can achieve the clarity that hot tub owners dream of.

You can:-

  • Get advice as crystal clear as your hot tub water
  • Save thousands on unnecessary chemicals
  • Avoid the risk of damaging your tub (or worse, your health)
  • Develop your perfect chemical and water care routine to protect your investment
  • Avoid costly call-out fees for avoidable damage
  • Avoid spending hours reading and testing conflicting advice online

You invested in a hot tub to enjoy it!
So what better time than now to see a return?


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

30-Minute Hot Tub Consultation With Jacque, The Hot Tub Lady

Book yours now and get hot tub happy!