Want to Collaborate?

Have an idea or opportunity? Want to work together in some way? Please read this first to see if we’re on the same page!

Are you looking to create an opportunity? Let's join forces and work together towards a common goal: delivering the ultimate hot tub experience! My mission is to educate people on how best to utilize their hot tub so that they can enjoy it with maximum satisfaction. By teaching them about proper purchase decisions as well as simple maintenance practices, my purpose is for everyone involved to become truly Happy Hot Tubbers!



I'm Jacque Johnson,

The Hot Tub Lady

I love helping people enjoy their hot tubs and get on the road to being "happy hot tubbers."

Here are some additional points when it comes to working with brands.

Working with brands is a great way to achieve success in content creation, but it's important for creators like me to remember what I can and cannot do. Every video that I make should be based on my interests, not someone else's agenda; this helps maintain objectivity and authenticity in reviews/opinions. Also, no outside party has any control over how or when videos are released - timing isn't something you can pay off! Lastly (and most importantly), just because a product is given at no cost doesn't mean my audience will automatically see the item featured in one of my vids – free products don’t buy bias here! I'm selective with what I include when it comes to products/services, ensuring only relevant information is shared. When needed, I take the time to better understand a product or service before discussing it in detail. While links are sometimes included for promotional purposes on my social media accounts, any video featuring paid promotion will be marked as such without fail. Additionally, anytime someone else wishes to share one of my videos they must link directly back to its original home page on YouTube!

The Joy Of Creating

For me, the joy of creating videos is only lost when integrity or ethics are compromised. This Ethics Statement serves as a reminder that I value honesty and respect in all aspects of my work - for both myself and anyone taking part in it! If you’re also an aspiring creator, consider this your invitation to make use of these guidelines too; after all ethical borrowing is permitted (and encouraged)!


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Collaboration awaits! Let's work together to create unique opportunities. Download my Media Kit and let's start dreaming up our future plans - I'm always eager to chat, whether through email [email protected]  or social media like Instagram and Facebook!

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