Insights with Hot Tub Manufacturing Expert Steve Hammock

Dec 09, 2022
Interview With Steve Hammock retired CEO of Watkins Manufacturing

Insights with Hot Tub Manufacturing Expert Steve Hammock


With any industry, there are different perspectives that come from manufacturers, sellers, and consumers of products. It’s not every day that you can enjoy the wisdom that comes from behind the scenes of the hot tub industry. That is unless you are listening to Tub Talk with The Hot Tub Lady.


In this article, we will discuss a few highlights from a full-length interview with the President of Watkins Wellness, Steve Hammock. Included are some of the most important things that consumers should know about hot tubs and the future of hot tub manufacturing.

Background on Steve Hammock

Steve Hammock can definitely take on the nickname, “The Hot Tub Guy”. With over 40 years of experience in the hot tub industry, Steve has dedicated most of his working life to the industry and manufacturing of hot tubs.


Starting out at a small hot tub company in an advertising role, Steve worked his way up to his role of President of Watkins Wellness after only 15 years in the industry. His last 25 years of his career were spent in this role and in 2022, he announced his retirement.

Future Outlook for the Hot Tub Industry

The future of the hot tub industry is exciting according to Steve! The industry is now based on the connection between water and wellness and the ability for hot tubs to be beneficial to the body. If you are caught up on the question of whether you should buy a hot tub or not, Steve recommends hot tubs for all families for wellness purposes.


A pro-tip from Steve: Place your hot tub as close as you can to a door you exit and enter for ease of use.


“The closer it is to where you come in and out, the more you are going to use it and the more you will benefit from it.” - Steve Hammock


Be sure to check out the full length interview with Steve Hammock in order to learn more about the hot tub industry and Steve’s unique perspective on all things hot tub!  For more information on hot tub tricks and tips or how to take care of hot tubs, see The Hot Tub Lady on YouTube.    


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