3 Tips to Improve Your Time in the Hot Tub

hot tub tips Dec 16, 2022
Improve your time in thot tub.

  3 Tips to Improve Your Time in the Hot Tub


Hot tubs have the reputation of sitting idle and underused, but why is that? A significant amount of hot tub underuse actually stems from hot tub misuse. Many people purchase hot tubs without realizing that performing regular maintenance and care for your hot tub will improve your time in the hot tub.


In this article, we will go over three of the most important tips to make the time that you spend in the hot tub more enjoyable and more frequent by learning how to take care of hot tubs.

How to Take Care of Hot Tubs for Best Use

1.     Drain, Clean, Refill

We cannot stress enough the importance of draining the water from your hot tub completely at least once a year. Even if you haven’t purchased one of the best hot tubs you can still get good years out of your hot tub by maintaining it.


There is no better way to take care of hot tubs than draining your hot tub. Draining your hot tub also allows you to perform number two on our list: purging your hot tub.

2.     Purge Your Hot Tub

If you are already draining your hot tub for hot tub maintenance, you should consider purging your hot tub as well. Purging your hot tub is one of the hidden, hot tub tips and tricks that you should be paying attention to.


Cleaning the gunk out of the lines of your hot tub can help to extend the life of your hot tub. You will need to purge your hot tub before you drain it, so don’t forget this important step to hot tub care. There are options for solutions for purging your hot tub.

3.     Maintaining Proper Water Level

One of the most common service calls for hot tubs is harm to your hot tub caused by improper water level. Your water level should be up to the height of your pillows in order for best use.


In conclusion, taking the steps to take care of your hot tub will directly result in higher levels of enjoyment from your hot tub. You can find the complete list of 10 Tips from the Hot Tub Lady. As well, if you are looking for more information on purging and draining your saltwater hot tubs, you can check out this video.


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