Salt Water vs. Chlorine Hot Tubs: Which is Better for You?

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Salt Water vs. Chlorine Hot Tubs: Which is Better for You?


Are you thinking about buying a hot tub, but you just can’t decide between saltwater hot tubs and chlorine hot tubs? If so, this can be a tricky decision to make. There are pros and cons to both types of hot tubs.


In this article, we will touch on the differences between saltwater hot tubs and chlorine hot tubs and clarify why both options are perfectly safe and great hot tub options. 

Rising Popularity for Saltwater Hot Tubs

In the last five years, the popularity and interest in saltwater hot tubs has increased exponentially. Google search volume has risen up by 450% in the last five years on this particular type of hot tub. It's newer, it’s popular, and these hot tubs are in high demand. But are they the best hot tubs?


Saltwater hot tubs are actually a form of chlorine system as salt is made of sodium and chlorine. However, instead of adding chlorine to your hot tub directly, you’re adding salt which includes a more pure form of chlorine.

Chlorine is Perfectly Safe for Your Hot Tub

You may be thinking that saltwater hot tubs are an automatic winner for you because chlorine sounds scary and unsafe. However, chlorine is simply a sanitizer that will help to keep your hot tub clean. The difference here is no different from a chlorine swimming pool versus a saltwater swimming pool. Most swimming pools are chlorine swimming pools.


There are also chlorine hot tub systems that are low chlorine systems to keep the level of chlorine low in your hot tub.


For more information on how to buy saltwater hot tubs or chlorine hot tubs, our website is a great resource for any further questions you may have. If you are looking for information on how to care for your new saltwater hot tub, we offer a free printable Salt Water Hot Tub Start-Up Cheat Sheet


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