Quack-tastic News: Introducing Lucy, the Hot Tub Lady Duck!

lucy name the duck rubber duck Apr 04, 2023
Lucy The Hot Tub Lady Duck

Quack-tastic News: Introducing Lucy, the Hot Tub Lady Duck!


It's been a long and quack-tastic road, but we've finally found our winner for the Duck Madness tournament! After an eventful few weeks of voting for the perfect duck name, we are proud to announce that the winner is LUCY! If you're looking for some literal quack-tastic company in your hot tub, then look no further than Lucy Hot Tub Lady Duck. Keep reading to learn more about this new mascot and how you can get your own Lucy The Hot Tub Lady Duck.

So what makes Lucy so special?


Well, she's much more than just a cute face (and a glorious set of feathers)! She serves as an inspiration to all hot tub owners who want both comfort and style in their hot tubs. With her unique design and eye-catching orange color, she brings a bit of joy and warmth to any backyard. Plus, she's perfect for making memories with friends and family - after all, who doesn't love spending time with rubber ducks in their hot tub?


But that's not all Lucy has to offer. As part of the Duck Madness tournament, I will be doing a LIVE drawing for the winner in the next couple of weeks as I recover from knee surgery. That means that if you register at www.thehottublay.co/nametheduck you will be entered in the drawing for some great prizes. A copy of Hot Tub Clarity and your choice of log book, a t-shirt and a Lucy duck.


If you would like to buy your own lovable Lucy Hot Tub Lady Duck today at www.thehottublady.co/store. How awesome is that? #duckmadness #thehottublady #nametheduck #LUCY




All in all, it's been an eventful few weeks - between voting for names for our beloved duck mascot to my second knee surgery recovery period - but here she is! Please join us in welcoming LUCY Hot Tub Lady Duck into your lives! Check out www.thehottublady.co/store today and don't forget to use hashtag #duckmadness on social media when sharing pictures of your very own Lucy! Good luck with the LIVE drawing contest - we can't wait to see who wins!


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