Mastering Hot Tub Maintenance: Expert Insights from BioLab's Alicia Stephens

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Hot tubs offer a haven of relaxation and tranquility, but the path to hot tub heaven isn't always a crystal-clear one. In this episode of Tub Talk With The Hot Tub Lady, we sit down with Alicia Stevens, the Director of Training for BioLab, a seasoned expert with 24 years of experience. Alicia is here to unravel the mysteries of hot tub maintenance, making it a breeze for you. Let's dive into the world of hot tub care and discover the secrets to pristine, well-maintained hot tubs.


The Importance of Water Testing


Hot tub maintenance begins with water testing, a crucial aspect many homeowners often overlook. Alicia Stephens sheds light on the advantages of using BioLab's Spa Guard chemicals and their innovative Alex software for water testing. The Alex software comprehensively analyzes various parameters, offering tailored recommendations to maintain the perfect water balance effortlessly. Proper water balance is not just about aesthetics; it's crucial for user comfort, hot tub longevity, and safety.

Hot Tub Chemistry: pH Balance Matters. 

Unlike swimming pools, hot tubs have unique chemistry due to temperature, aeration, and bather load. This episode delves deep into pH balance, a critical factor in hot tub maintenance. Stevens explains how maintaining the right pH level using water sanitization is effective, with a special mention of BioLab's rapid dissolve technology that simplifies the process.

Innovations in Hot Tub Maintenance 

BioLab is at the forefront of hot tub maintenance innovations. Alicia a BioLab expert, introduces their five new products to simplify hot tub care. One standout innovation is the dissolvable tabs that can be effortlessly added to the filter, eliminating the need for guesswork and messy measuring. These innovations make it easier to keep your hot tub's water balance in check.

SpaGuard Rapid-Dissolve Tabs Application Video from BioLab® Pool Division on Vimeo.


Conservation: Enzymes and Liquid Solar Blankets

Conservation is a hot topic in today's world, and it applies to hot tubs too. Alicia discusses the role of enzymes in conserving water by breaking down non-living organics, reducing chlorine use, preventing filter clogging, and minimizing scum line buildup. Additionally, she highlights the benefits of liquid solar blankets for uncovered hot tubs, which help save water by reducing the need for frequent refilling and draining.

Maintaining the Right pH Levels 

Merely adding salt to hot tubs won't solve all your problems. Maintaining the correct pH levels is paramount, and Alicia emphasizes this point. She also discusses the importance of using stain and scale control products to prevent damage from calcium imbalances in the water.


In conclusion, this episode of Tub Talk With The Hot Tub Lady has been a deep dive into the world of hot tub maintenance, guided by the expertise of Alicia Stevens from BioLab. With insights into water testing, pH balance, innovative products, conservation, and calcium control, you're now armed with the knowledge to become a hot tub maintenance pro. Bid farewell to daunting maintenance tasks and say hello to a crystal-clear and blissful hot tub experience.




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