After Party Clean Up. How to clean up your hot tub after a party.

after party clean up hot tub water care maintenance how to take care of your hot tub after a party Sep 06, 2022
After Hot Tub Party Clean Up



After Pary Clean Up

This last weekend I had about six people in my hot tub for around 7 hours of the saltwater tub! WOW! We had a fabulous time! If you think my hot tub always looks fantastic and clean! Just ponder what it would have looked like after this party. All had significant fun! We are blessed with wonderful neighbors and friends all around us!

Don’t fret, friends; this sounds like a catastrophe for clean-up, but we were using our hot tub! By all means, use your hot tub! That’s what you have it for!

In regards to cleaning up, I started right away the next day.


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Short and quick steps that were taken before work.

The first thing is first! TEST YOUR WATER. Once I tested my water, I found that all of my chemical levels were more or less bottomed out. I expected this to happen after the amount of use it had. HOT MESS!



With the levels how they were, I then shocked the hot tub.

Coming back after work, I immediately took the filters out. Just a tad overused! My fantastic filters had started to cave in already! Which means little to no circulation for those filters.

After shocking from the A.M, the hot tub chemical levels were not quite where they needed to be. No fear! Remember that you need time to rest and recover even after a busy night in and out of the hot tub. This means that your hot tub’s system needs that TLC too. Recovery will take a while, especially after a negative chlorine balance.


When I was able to shock it again, there were significant bubbles all around. (NOT A GOOD THING) This means there is quite a bit of ‘stuff’ in the water. I tested the water again and found that I was still at a 0 PPM of free chlorine. Once I added two cap fulls of chlorine concentrate. Friends listen to this; I tested it about 5 minutes later. STILL NO CHLORINE. OH GOODNESS! This means that there was a lot of stuff inside that water-consuming chlorine. So I threw in another two cap fulls of chlorine. Still, no filters added yet.

About 30 minutes later, I had to bring in 2 more cap fulls. SMALL CHLORINE READING! YES! Shocking it again, I started to notice the bubbles were going away.

*Reminder that the jets are still on this time to keep the flow and circulation.*



The following morning I could put the filters back into the hot tub. My water was starting to return to it’s normal state, well more normal. I was then able to add in an alkalinity increase along with a PH increase. Back to normal! WHEW!!

When reading through the cleaning chaos, I hope you aren’t overwhelmed! Taking care of your tub does not need to be stressful! Just think about how you feel after a fun night out; you probably need some rest and recovery too?!

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