Keep Your Hot Tub in Perfect Working Condition with "Hot Tub Clarity"

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Hot Tub Clarity Avaialble as an Audible Book

 Keep Your Hot Tub in Perfect Working Condition with "Hot Tub Clarity"



 Keeping your hot tub in perfect working order doesn't have to be a full-time job. Jacque Johnson—aka The Hot Tub Lady—has created an easy-to-follow guide that breaks down every aspect of hot tub care into simple terms. Now, you can even get the audio version of her book, “Hot Tub Clarity," and try it for free with a free trial of Audible. 


What Does “Hot Tub Clarity” Offer?

“Hot Tub Clarity” is designed to make the process of owning and maintaining a hot tub easier and more enjoyable. It walks you through the basics and dives deep into advanced tips and tricks. Whether you are a new hot tub owner or someone who has been frustrated by trying to keep your current spa in perfect condition, this is the resource for you!

The audio version of “Hot Tub Clarity” is more than just a book on tape; it's an interactive experience that allows you to enhance your knowledge as well as relax while listening. You can listen to the entire guide or pick specific chapters that cover topics like proper water chemistry, maintenance routine, troubleshooting common issues, and much more! You can also pause at any time or rewind when needed to avoid missing anything important. For an even more immersive experience, get it along with the Kindle version and it will actually narrate the book to you. 


In addition to her audio version, Jacque Johnson offers several other resources such as blog posts, FAQs, webinars and even one-on-one coaching sessions for those who need extra help with their hot tubs. With all these options available, there is something for everyone looking to get expert advice about their hot tubs.   Plus don't forget to snag your copy of the Hot Tub Clarity Log Book, available for Salt Water Hot Tubs, Chlorine Hot Tubs and Frog @Ease Hot Tubs



No matter if you are a new or experienced hot tub owner, having reliable information at your fingertips makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying and keeping your spa in perfect working condition. Jacque Johnson's "Hot Tub Clarity" provides everything from basic information to advanced tips and tricks—all conveniently packaged into an easy-to-follow audio guide! Try it out today with a free trial of Audible and start keeping your hot tub running at its best!


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