$59.00 USD

Hot Tub Care Consulting


WORK 1-ON-1 WITH Jacque, The Hot Tub Lady,
GET PERSONALIZED ADVICE ABOUT How To Take care of your Hot tub

What you'll get:

  • Peace Of Mind knowing that you are doing all things correctly.
  •  Answers to the questions you have about hot tub maintenance
  •  A clear plan on how to take care of your hot tub going forward

Once you pay for the call you will be sent to the booking page. 

What People Are Saying:

I had a phone consultation with Jacque, the Hot Tub Lady recently. She was very helpful in assisting me on what to do with our hot tub as far as routine maintenance, what the best products are to use, and tips for moving forward. She is my “go to” for all of my hot tub questions and guidance. Do yourself a favor, and follow her on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Her videos are by far, the best out there to help make sure you continue to be a Happy Hot Tubber! Thanks Jacque!!

Bea Norris

Jacque is the best! She has great knowledge about hot tubs and has helped me get my water in balance! I have learned so much from her!

Tiffany Sechrest

Jacque is terrific! I purchased a Hotsprings saltwater tub from my local dealer. I received a quick start guide but no other guidance about ongoing maintenance. I became confused and a bit frustrated with ongoing maintenance and water balancing. I discovered Jacque's Hot Tub Lady YouTube videos, which were very helpful. After a consult with Jacque, she got me straightened out, and I feel much more confident in using the correct chemicals and when to use them. Your the best Jacque!!

Bruce Cornish